Fans choose Canucks 50th season throwback jersey!

Click the image to go vote!

Click the image to go vote!

During the 2019-20 season, the Vancouver Canucks will celebrate their 50th anniversary. To mark the major milestone, the team will wear a throwback jersey for a handful of games throughout the year. Best of all, they're turning to fans to choose to the jersey.

Right now, you can go to the Canucks' official website and vote for one of three retro sweaters! There's the "Flying V" — the 1978 redesign that took the Canucks from blue and green to black, red and yellow. There's the "Flying Skate" — the 1985 update that removed the "V" and brought the Spaghetti Skate front and center. Lastly, there's the "Original Orca" — the 1997 rebrand that introduced the stylized killer whale in blue, maroon, and silver.

The Canucks are holding this vote now — more than a year out from their 50th season — because the NHL and Adidas require a lot of planning ahead.

You might be thinking, "Wait. That's it?" The Canucks are well known for the many different logos and jerseys they've worn over the years. They've probably gone through more significant redesigns than any other team in NHL history.

I'm a little disappointed the original 1970 jersey isn't one of the options, but they did wear that for their 40th anniversary in 2010. So how am I voting? I don't mind telling you the "Flying V"!

They still wear the orca and while the original colors were unique, it's not like I'm dying to see them again. And the "Flying Skate" has been resurrected in recent years for a few games. What we haven't seen on the ice in the last 40 years is that "Flying V" — and that's a shame!

Which one are you voting for?

UPDATE 8/22 · I'm a little late getting this post updated, but after a week of voting, the Canucks announced that fans had overwhelmingly chosen the Flying Skate to make its return during their 50th anniversary season in 2019-20.

The results of the poll showed 70% of fans preferred the skate. Only 20% voted with me on the the "Flying V." Oh well. But I'm still looking forward the Canucks' 50th!